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Allocations against invoices or credits that are aged out can't be changed.  How can I change these allocations?

Step-by-step guide

In Service Release 11 of 7.00.175 and Service Release 2 of 7.02.01 a new field has been added to the Transactions tab - Aged Out.

When you tick the check box Show Aged Transactions, all transactions for the customer appear with each line showing Aged out as ticked or unticked 

To un-age an invoice and the associated credits, do the following

  • Tick the check box Show Aged Transactions
  • Un-tick the Aged Out box against the relevant transaction e.g. 100458-D01

  • Load the Debtor Payments & Allocations form by clicking the Allocation button against the transaction i.e. 100458-D01

  • Note the Remittance No. of the credits i.e. 0000000091-1
  • Un-tick the Aged Out box for that transaction
  • Repeat for any other transactions that require allocations to be changed
  • Save changes
  • Un-tick Show Aged Allocations

  • Transactions are now enabled to be re-allocated