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How can I change the bin locations against a number of stock on hand records?

Step-by-step guide

  1. On the Inventory > S.O.H. > Transaction Detail tab there is a context menu option to allow Multi Select - right click on the column header of the grid to turn that on.  The state of the Multi Select context menu item (checked or unchecked) is persisted per user per grid.

  2. Select the lookup buttons, not the Bin Location text field by selecting a button, then pressing and holding the shift key and pressing the down and up arrows

  3. Right-click the column header again to bring up the context menu and select Set Value

  4. The search dialog for the Bin Location selection appears

  5. Select the desired bin location and the values for each row selected will be set


When multiple warehouses exist in a database, make sure you tick Specific Warehouse to select relevant stock on hand lines and bin locations for the selected warehouse.