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  1. Selecting a particular subtype has no effect on the data shown on the report. 
    • E.g. if you choose 'Credit Notes', then only credits should appear on the report. All transactions appear.  Even if you choose Source Type 'Sales Order Processing', then Sub Type 'Credit Note', all invoices and credit notes appear.
  2. When selecting a particular subtype e.g. "Receipts" the header still displays "Credit Note. This has been fixed to display chosen subtype.
  3. Report does not cater for Cash book Payments and BTB Sales Orders. 
    • E.g it would appear on the report as "Source not Recorded". New Subtypes have now been added to this report to cater for these categories.
  4. Sub-types have been updated to reflect new Debtor Adjustment Types e.g Write On and Write Off instead of Debit Journal and Credit Journal.


Download the corrected report and import into the database using Refresh from Files

DBTRN010 - Debtors Transactions.rpt

DEV-7923 - Getting issue details... STATUS