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Creating a credit note based on on a sales order by default, uses the current pricing applicable to the customer for the lines being credited.  To retain the original invoiced price, enable the plugin Sales Order Credit Note Fix Price which sets the fix price flag of each line is set to ensure changes to quantities do not recalculate the price.

Adding news lines to the credit notes applies current pricing

Note: In 7.02.01 where a credit note is based on a sales order, the same prices are applied even if the quantity being credited is changed

Step-by-step guide

To enable the plugin

  1. System Settings > Plugin Maintenance > Plugins
  2. Load the search windows and select the plugin 'Sales Order Credit Note Fix Price'
  3. Tick Enabled check box and save
  4. Log out and back in again to compile the plugin

Credit notes based on a sales order will apply original pricing from the sales order.

Plugin Sales Order Credit Note Fix Price.xml