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I have installed the latest Service Release of Jiwa Financials.  I now want to know if there are any outstanding issues to be corrected with the release

Step-by-step guide

Any issue or improvement that is to be included in the next release is assigned a Fixed Version to the task.  For example, to see what is outstanding for Service Release 7, follow these steps.  We recommend checking every few weeks to keep yourself up to date with outstanding tasks for the next release applicable to you.

  • Load the Jiwa website  Then select User Hub and then Bug Tracking

  • Change your view (top right of the screen) from Detail View to List View.  The Results pane now displays a list of tasks.

  • Refine the results displayed by adding the criteria Fix Version to the search by selecting More and ticking Fix Version

  • The Fix Version criteria has now been added to the screen.  Click the down arrow against this field and tick SR7

  • The results pane is now refreshed with all items targeted for Service Release 7.  Sort in Component order and review what the tasks are there to  be completed

Fix Version

To review what is targeted for any version, follow the steps above and select the appropriate Fix Version for the results you're after e.g. SR11 if you currently have SR10 installed