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When viewing a report within Jiwa, the ability to drill to source forms from a field is possible through the use of a plugin and the modification of the report field formatting.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Import the plugin attached - Drill from reports
  2. Exit Jiwa and log back in
  3. Modify the required fields in your report(s) to include a specially formatted hyperlink
  4. Import the reports into Jiwa

How to modify the report field.

Using the Crystal Reports Designer, right click on a field to open the context menu and select Format Field...

The Format Editor will open - select the Hyperlink tab, and then check the A Website on the Internet radio button for the Hyperlink Type, and then press the Formula button next to the Website Address: field.

The Formula Editor will now open, enter in a formula to return a text value in for format {SY_Forms.ClassName}:{RecID}.

You can use any value from the ClassName field of the SY_Forms table for the first part of the hyperlink - for example, a hard-coded value to always drill to a sales order: