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Why use the Jiwa Helpdesk

Here's why we prefer you to log your query, rather than phone or email:

Better Security - all your queries, requests and associated client documentation are kept securely in the portal

Staying Organised - all your queries and request are retained in the portal to allow for easy referral by us, by you and by others from your organisation.  It's easy for everyone to see the status and latest information relating to your case

More efficient - the best feature of the Jiwa helpdesk is that it saves everyone valuable time.  You're not relying on one person to become available to respond and we're notified instantly of your query.  The Jiwa helpdesk can easily direct each case to the best resource.

Getting a login


  • You will see the Jiwa Help Centre


  • From here select the appropriate option.


Entering a service request

  • Login into and select Product Support.
  • In the Summary section, enter the title of your service request and note that as you type, context search will list close matches for your query.

  • Peruse the solutions indicated to see if your query may be answered by the context search
  • If the context searching doesn't locate an article, enter a full description for the support analyst, including:
    • steps to reproduce an error
    • screenshots of the error (you can drag and drop or paste clip board from screen capture tools like MS Windows snipping tool)
    • In components list the affected areas of Jiwa
    • In the Affects Versions input field, enter the Jiwa Version number
    • other information that will clarify your request
  • Press Create
  • Once created, your service request may be accessed at any time by clicking on Requests button in the Help Centre after you log in.

Organisation requests

Where you have team members who need to have access to service requests lodged by other users, log a service request with us to tell us the helpdesk users in your organisation.  We will assign you all to the same organisation.  Once the organisation is created, you will be able to see requests and updates on other cases.

My requests are requests that I have raised.  All requests includes requests other users in my organisation have raised.

Clicking on either of those links will open a search filter.  Choose Created by anyone to see other organisation requests.