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About Service Releases

Jiwa 7 Service Releases are cumulative, and later Service Releases supersede earlier Service Releases.

This means you only need to install the most recent Service Release to obtain all the fixes of previous Service Releases.  Installing a later Service Release will automatically remove older Service Releases.

Installing a later version of Jiwa will also remove any service releases for previous versions.

Where to Obtain

Non-public release

07.02.01 SR1 was a non-public, controlled release as several issues remained outstanding when produced.

Install 07.02.01 SR2 instead, which supersedes 07.02.01 SR1.

How to Install

Typically the .msp file, once downloaded can by run simply by double-clicking the file to run.

However, if an error such as the following occurs:

"A file that is required cannot be installed because the cabinet file <%path%>\ has an invalid digital signature.  This may indicate that the cabinet file is corrupt"

Then you should open an elevated command prompt and run the .msp from there.  An elevated command prompt is simply a command prompt run as Administrator.

How to remove

The Windows Control Panel Add/Remove programs - View installed updates lists the updates installed and provides a way of uninstalling a Service Release.

Uninstalling SR1 will restore the system to the state prior of installation of SR1.

The appearance of the Service Release in the Installed Updates list is also the method of indicating if the Service Release is installed.

Issues Addressed In Service Release

Jiwa Service Release 1 addresses the following issues:

Getting issues...

Key Summary T Component/s Status