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This problem will only affect one user. Other users will be able to search with no issue.  When the user clicks Search, Jiwa will appear to freeze.  Clicking anywhere will cause an audible error.  The user can't do anything except close Jiwa with the Task Manager.

What's actually happened is that the Search form has opened off the screen. It's there, the user just can't see it.  Jiwa is waiting for the user to enter a search term or close the search form.

Note, this problem can occur not just on Search, but on any window that overlays Jiwa - like serial selection, pantry list etc.

This issue is most likely to occur when users have more than one monitor and their setup has changed, or they swap between workstations, say between the office and home.


Move the search form back into view:

  1. Log in as the affected user
  2. Open the search form (or whatever form is causing the issue)
  3. Type and hold Alt and the spacebar
  4. Type M (m is for move)
  5. Use your arrow keys until the form moves into view.