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To run Jiwa for your business you need your own Jiwa licences in your company name or 'registered name'.

Your Jiwa licenses can be downloaded from here:

  • Click on the Licences button.
  • Enter your credentials to view your valid licences.

If you don't know your credentials contact your Jiwa Solution Provider or email [email protected]

If your licence expiry date is green, your licences are current.  Orange means your licences will expire within the next month.  Red means your licences have expired.

  • Under 'Customer Name' click on the name of your business to expose all of your Jiwa licences.
  • Download each of your xml licence files using the Download link on the far right of the screen.  Save them to your computer where you can access them from Jiwa.
  • Login to Jiwa - you may need Administrator privileges.
  • Open the Licencing form: System Settings > Licencing.
  • Click the Import Licences button from the menu ribbon.

  • A file selection window will open.  Select the multiple licence files you have just downloaded by highlighting them.
  • Click Open.
  • Click the Save button from the menu ribbon.

Your licences have now been imported and you may proceed to use Jiwa for your business.

Any old licences that are no longer valid can be deleted using the Bin at the end of each licence row.

Licencing in version 7.00.186 to 07.01.00

As of Jiwa version, licencing has changed from concurrent user licencing to per seat licencing. Changes made to the licencing form provide a mechanism to link users to a licence.

Licencing in version 7.02.00 and above

We have added back the ability to have concurrent licences.  The licensing logic has been modified such that if a user is not explicitly attached to a licence, and there are licences available (not attached to other users) and the count of other users concurrently using the software is less than the licence count issued, then allow the user to consume a licence.  This applies to most installations, except those on Azure SQL Servers.