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One of the most effective ways of restricting access to reports (and sometimes forms) is to simply remove them from a user's menu.

There are endless menu configurations available in Jiwa.   Each user can be assigned their own menu, or a number of users can be assigned the same menu.


  1. Copy the default menu and save with a new name.
  2. Edit the new menu by adding or removing folders, forms or reports or by rearranging the order.
  3. Assign the new menu to each relevant user.

Copy the default menu

It is important to copy the default menu because this may be updated whenever Jiwa is updated.

This new menu is now the one you will customise.

  1. In System Settings > Menu Configuration > Menu Maintenance
  2. Click Copy
  3. Edit the Name of the menu then edit the Description.
  4. Save.

Edit the new menu

Now you can customise this menu by removing items, adding forms or reports, editing the name of items or changing the order they appear.

  1. Highlight the item you wish to remove. by clicking on it.
  2. Right click on the item you wish to remove to bring up a sub-menu
  3. Select 'Delete XX'.  The item is deleted from the menu.

To add a new folder to the menu, eg. a folder called 'daily reports', right click over the item where you wish the new folder to be placed.

If you want it in the highest level on the menu then right click over 'Root'.

The new folder will appear with the name 'New Folder'.  Right click over this to Rename it.

To add an item to the menu, expand the folder on the menu where you wish to place it.

Note: Data entry forms are on the default tab and reports are on the second tab.

Select the item from the right hand side of the table, and drag it across to its place on the menu in the left hand side.  An indicator bar will tell you where it is about to be placed.

To rename an item on the menu, repeat the steps for removing an item but select Rename from the submenu

To change the order of items on the menu simply drag and drop them.  An indicator bar will tell you where it is about to be placed.

Assign to Users

Once you have edited your custom menu you can now assign it to one or many users.  When the user logs in, this is the menu that they will see.

  1. System Settings > Staff Configuration > Staff Maintenance
  2. Open the staff maintenance form for the relevant user.
  3. On the Main tab, in the Other box, click the search button to search the list of menus.  Select the new menu.
  4. Save.

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