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About Plugins

Plugins are built within the Jiwa Application itself, using the Plugin Maintenance form. Plugin code is written in C# or VB.NET and uses the .NET Framework 4.51. Plugins may also reference other assemblies. Plugin code is stored within the database. See How to import a plugin into Jiwa.

The Jiwa Plugin Scheduler service can be used to run plugin code on a scheduled basis. See Running the plugin scheduler multiple times on the same machine - 7.00.175 and earlier for instructions to configure a system to service multiple Jiwa databases.

Custom fields throughout the system are controlled by plugins. See custom fields for more information.

Plugin Licences

By default any software published without an explicit licence agreement is automatically considered to be "No Licence".

"No Licence" means :

  • You are NOT permitted to redistribute the software
  • You are NOT permitted to sublicence the software
  • You are NOT permitted to modify the software
  • You ARE able to use the software for commercial use
  • You ARE able to use the software for private use

All of the plugins published by Jiwa Financials are under the "No Licence" agreement, and unless any plugins you publish yourself have an explicit licence, then they are also considered to be "No Licence".

If you sell or give a plugin to anyone which was published under the No Licence agreement and you didn't write or own the plugin, then you have breached the licence agreement.

If you author a plugin yourself and want to publish with a licence other than "No Licence" then you must have the appropriate licence agreement included (as comments in the top of the code section is sufficient).

Popular licences can be found here.

Sample Plugins

Jiwa 7 has numerous plugins which ship with the product. Of significance are the following:

  • Cylinder Rental System
  • IFS Smartfreight - submit freight information and get consignment note number with cost
  • Mirror Inventory Items Across Databases
  • Permission Override
  • Point Of Sale (POS)
  • Opmetrix Field Sales
  • Sales Order Statuses - apply customised statuses to sales orders (in addition to Jiwa's standard statuses), authority given to certain users to change the status.
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