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Creating a Purchase Order

Users can manually create purchase orders in Jiwa, based on their own known criteria, or they can let Jiwa it work out for them.

Jiwa can automate PO parts and quantities from the Purchase Order Entry form, or from the Purchase Order Generation Form.

The Purchase Order Entry form uses two methods:

  1. Replenish to Minimum
  2. Weighted YTD Average

Each of these methods will interrogate the parts for which the supplier you've chosen on the order is the default.  The method will be instigated by the Auto Search button at the bottom of the form (for all parts), or add a part to the PO lines to instigate the method against just that one part.

The Purchase Order Generation Form uses two methods:

  1. Replenish to Minimum
  2. Sales Forecast

Emailing a Purchase Order

FX Purchase Orders

Purchase Order Statuses

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