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The ability to limit access to individual fields or columns in a form is easy to manage by applying specific permissions per user group.

Step-by-step guide

  • The Set Permissions icon in the Utilities tab of each form is used to apply specific permissions to fields or columns in a form.  This example details limiting editing access to the column Remit. No. in the Cash Book Receipts form.  The same instructions apply to every form
  • Load the Cash Book Receipts form and click the Utilties tab
  • Click Set Permissions icon (this loads the Set Permissions form)

  • Select the relevant user group from the search window
  • Drag the form so you can see the relevant column on the receipts form
  • Double-click the field Remit.No and set Read = Allow and Edit = Disallow

  • Save the changes
  • Repeat the steps for each relevant group
  • The column will now be disabled when its reloaded for each relevant user group