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POINF022 - Replenish ReOrder report ignored the criteria selection for 'BOM Parents?'Beth Blokabout 11 hours ago
Warehouse field was incorrectly disabled in the Move Lines to New Sales Order standard plugin - 7.00.175Beth Blokyesterday at 11:54 AM
Creditor remittance email did not have tokens for FX valuesBeth Blokyesterday at 9:42 AM
Deleting warehouse back orders did not update the IN_OnBackOrder table - 7.02.00Beth BlokNov 20, 2019
Inventory Export to CSV errors when logging into an upgraded Jiwa databaseJulie HanlonNov 13, 2019
Sorting on the Invoice No field in debtors Customer Activities > Unprocessed Sales Order is disabledBeth BlokNov 08, 2019
Making Quote from a Sales Order errored if the sales order included a kitted itemJulie HanlonNov 07, 2019
REINF010 - Receival Slips Uninvoiced modified to include status - Activated, Not Activated and AllBeth BlokNov 07, 2019
Trial Balance period end date for Next Year period 12 is incorrect where there are only 2 unrolled years in GL Setup formBeth BlokNov 07, 2019
Unactivated GRN Reversals appear incorrectly in the Transaction History tab of inventoryBeth BlokNov 07, 2019
Standard invoice lists all the serial numbers invoiced rather then the serial number applicable to the delivery - D02 and higherBeth BlokNov 07, 2019
Emailing debtor statements may error where the debtor company name is long - 'String or binary data ...'Beth BlokNov 07, 2019
EX GST Total is not always correct in the standard invoice report - 7.02.01Beth BlokNov 07, 2019
Emailing from SR2 may report an error 'String or binary ...' in some casesBeth BlokNov 06, 2019
Plugin to implement the ability to 'Insert New Inventory Item' in a quoteBeth BlokNov 04, 2019
POS plugin updated to correct rounding variances when using the POS form - 7.02.01Beth BlokNov 04, 2019
INTRN010 - Inventory Stock Transfers report re-alignedJulie HanlonOct 28, 2019
ININF066 - Inventory Quantity As At report has been re-formattedJulie HanlonOct 28, 2019
Manual Serial Numbers form does not work where there is more than 1 line on the sales order - 7.02.00Beth BlokOct 25, 2019
ININF150 - Serial Number Tracking report has been updated to report all supported transaction types 7.02.00Beth BlokOct 24, 2019

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