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Creating a 7.00.175 to 7.02.01 databases under SQL2017 and higher errors 'Could not import package...'Beth BlokSep 17, 2020
How do I find why the inventory is out of balance running the Inventory Reconciliation reportBeth BlokSep 03, 2020
SOMGT051 - Sales with COGS by Debtor displays no data when reporting by Branch - 7.02.01 and earlierBeth BlokAug 31, 2020
POS rounding variance and line discount issues - BlokAug 13, 2020
POS plugin updated to correct rounding variances when using the POS form - 7.02.01Beth BlokAug 13, 2020
Debtor System Template form will not load where there are no templates in a 7.02.01 databaseBeth BlokJul 30, 2020
Ability to set a colour only as the background does not work in 7.02.01 and earlierBeth BlokJul 22, 2020
Emailing errors 'Operation unavailable (Exception from HRESULT ....GetActiveObject'Beth BlokJul 15, 2020
Ageing of transactions during Period Rollover can apply Period Rollover DateBeth BlokJul 13, 2020
Sales Order and Quote User 1 to 3 fields appear to be set to Integer rather than FloatBeth BlokJun 24, 2020
Warehouse field was incorrectly disabled in the Move Lines to New Sales Order standard plugin - 7.00.175Beth BlokMay 08, 2020
Work order inputs do not appear in the Inventory >Transaction History tab - 7.02.00 and 7.02.01Beth BlokMay 04, 2020
Unactivated GRN Reversals appear incorrectly in the Transaction History tab of inventoryBeth BlokMay 04, 2020
POINF024 - Outstanding Warehouse Purchase Orders report Transfer field is too shortBeth BlokMar 03, 2020
CRM Dashboard My Customers sales for Sales This Month are incorrect - 7.01.00, 7.02.00 and 7.02.01Beth BlokFeb 26, 2020
POS plugin errors when logging into a 7.00.175 database running SR 2 or higherBeth BlokFeb 13, 2020
Sales Order Archiving gives 'FK_SM_Parts_SO_Lines' foreign key errorBeth BlokJan 21, 2020
DBTRN010 - Debtor Transactions ignores the Sub Type selection criteria - 7.00.175, 7.02.00 and 7.02.01Beth BlokJan 13, 2020
Plugin Maintenance errors with 'Duplicate key value supplied' when loadingMike SheenDec 16, 2019
CRMGT041 - FX Creditors Listing - Transaction Due Date is ignoring the FX Creditor Only parameterBeth BlokDec 10, 2019

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