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  1. Take up purchase costs for non-physical items

    Some stock may have a fast turnover or short shelflife, e.g. dairy or vegetables, so you don’t want to carry stock for these items. They will be set as nonphysical. But you do want to recognise the cost to purchase, because you still buy these products, even though they are marked as nonphysical. Jiwa can recognise cos
    Jiwa 7Mar 25, 2021
  2. Shipments - How to add multiple invoices from same supplier

    It is possible in Landed CostShipments to enter multiple PO's and multiple invoices from the same supplier. Stepbystep guide Add the steps involved: Load your Purchase Orders on the Shipments Form. On the Invoices Tab Enter each Invoice Line manually ensuring you enter separate Invoice Number for each supplier as recei
    Jiwa 7Jan 28, 2021
  3. Inventory API Operations - Examples Of Use

    Products Get a filtered list of products Using vJiwaInventoryItemListQuery A view, vJiwaInventoryItemList is provided with a corresponding query class vJiwaInventoryItemListQuery to facilitate retrieving a filtered, paginated list of products. The data returned includes the PartNo, Description, Picture, Categories, Sel
    Jiwa 7Sep 20, 2017
  4. Sales Order API Operations - Examples Of Use

    Sales Orders Get a filtered list of sales orders Using vJiwaSalesOrderListQuery A view, vJiwaSalesOrderList is provided with a corresponding query class vJiwaSalesOrderListQuery to facilitate retrieving a filtered, paginated list of sales orders. The data returned includes data from several tables to bring together cus
    Jiwa 7Sep 22, 2017
  5. Examples Of Use

    Debtor API Operations Inventory API Operations Sales Order API Operations restapi kbhowtoarticle
    Jiwa 7Sep 19, 2017
  6. Installing the ServiceStackVS Extension for Visual Studio

    About Whether you're using C or VB.NET, you can add the ServiceStackVS extension to Visual Studio which will add the references needed to use the ServiceStack client, and also visit the REST API and retrieve all the DTO classes and place them in a file, accessible to your code. No need to generate the DTO's or copypast
    Jiwa 7Sep 10, 2017
  7. Debtor API Operations - Examples Of Use

    Customers Get a filtered list of customers Using vJiwaDebtorListQuery A view, vJiwaDebtorList is provided with a corresponding query class vJiwaDebtorListQuery to facilitate retrieving a filtered, paginated list of customers. The data returned includes the AccountNo, Name, Address, and Categories. Which fields are retu
    Jiwa 7Sep 27, 2017
  8. How can I restrict a Service Manager job to a warehouse or allow stock to be allocated from any warehouse

    the job was created in. This also needs to include the invoicing of jobs. Should be system wide and not able to be changed. How To The attached plugin, when enabled
    Jiwa 7Nov 12, 2019
  9. Bulk emailing from Jiwa using email addresses for customers and suppliers

    From time to time users may want to use the email addresses in Jiwa stored against the suppliers and customers to bulk email flyers, promotions etc. Stepbystep guide One way of doing that is using Excel to connect to the SQL database and extract the relevant data needed. Create a new Excel spreadsheet Get External Data
    Jiwa 7May 24, 2017
  10. How do I control the posting date for my sales orders

    Describe when someone would need this information. For example "when connecting to wifi for the first time". A Sales Order is created in October and the customer goes ahead with the order in November. Without manually changing dates in the Sales Order how can I make sure the order is processed in November. Stepbystep
    Jiwa 7Nov 26, 2016