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  1. Supplier part no. not appearing on purchase order lines

    Problem Supplier part no. not appearing on purchase order lines. This happens when the purchase order is for a warehouse that does not exist on the warehouse tab of the inventory item. Solution Download and import the attached plugin to implement this feature in 7.02.01 Related articles purchaseorder kbtroubleshootinga
    Jiwa 7Feb 11, 2021
  2. Loading a BOM gives error "Key already exists, key: x"

    Problem Loading a BOM gives error "Key already exists, key: x" This occurs when a BOM has subassemblies such that one of the subassemblies has a subassembly that is also a direct subassembly of the top most BOM. Solution Download and copy the attached DLL's into the Jiwa program directory. There is no need to register
    Jiwa 7Feb 11, 2021
  3. MNT40001 Purchase Order report

    Problem Purchase Orders with blank comment lines, or comment lines with spaces only, display with 0.00 as the quantity and prices. Blank comment lines should be printed as a blank space. Solution Download the corrected report and use Refresh from Files to update the report into the database. Applies to 7.02.01 Related
    Jiwa 7Feb 11, 2021
  4. DBTRN010 - Debtor Transactions Report - 7.00.175, 7.02.00 and 7.02.01

    Problem Selecting a particular subtype has no effect on the data shown on the report. E.g. if you choose 'Credit Notes', then only credits should appear on the report. All transactions appear. Even if you choose Source Type 'Sales Order Processing', then Sub Type 'Credit Note', all invoices and credit notes appear. Whe
    Jiwa 7Feb 11, 2021
  5. Sales tab on debtor maintenance may take a long time to load

    Problem When there is a significant sales history for a debtor, loading debtor maintenance and clicking on the Sales tab will take several minutes. Solution A working knowledge of SQL Management Studio is required to complete this task The stored procedure has been optimised and now returns data quickly e.g. data took
    Jiwa 7Mar 03, 2021
  6. How do I find why the inventory is out of balance running the Inventory Reconciliation report

    Problem The inventory reconciliation report is out of balance i.e. the ledger balance does not agree to the stock on hand value. Solution There are a few reasons why the inventory may not balance. It could be transactions that have impacted the inventory control account but not updated stock records (e.g. creditor purc
    Jiwa 7Sep 03, 2020
  7. Jiwa BI / QlikView model won't load data due to loops

    Problem The Jiwa BI model won't load and the reload scripts report an error One or more loops have been detected in your database structure. Loops may cause ambiguous results and should therefore be avoided. Loop(s) will be cut by setting one or more tables as loosely coupled." image2021215164840.png Solution The error
    Jiwa 7Feb 15, 2021
  8. Debtor System Template form will not load where there are no templates in a 7.02.01 database

    Problem In 7.02.01 databases where there are no Debtor System Templates loading the Debtor System Template to create a new template errors. Solution A working knowledge of SQL Management Studio is required to complete this task. The issue wi
    Jiwa 7Jul 30, 2020
  9. ININF041 - Stock on Hand with Allocations has been re-formatted

    Problem The Stock on Hand with Allocations report is not readable when the partno overlaps with the descriptions. There is not enough space for quantities in each column. Solution The adjusted report can be downloaded here: Related articles Related articles appear here based on the labels you select. Click to edit the
    Jiwa 7Oct 24, 2019
  10. INTRN010 - Inventory Stock Transfers report re-aligned

    Problem The totals of this report do not align with the detail. Solution Note: The number of decimal places printed in the totals is set by the maximum between the To PartNo and the From PartNo decimal places setting. If you are printing the report for a range of stock transfers, the decimal places is set by the maximu
    Jiwa 7Oct 28, 2019