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  1. Install a FTP Client onto your computer if you haven't done yet. 
    NOTE: We recommend FileZilla which is free available from the web on:
  2. Load up the FTP client and enter the following credentials into the login section: 
    Username: uploads
    Password: uploads


    titleWrite-Only permission

    The credentials used to upload files have write-only permission. Your data is secure and cannot be viewed, downloaded or deleted by anyone other than Jiwa staff.

  3. Browse to the backup file you have created and then upload it
  4. Wait until the backup is fully uploaded
  5. Update your Jiwa Helpdesk case to inform us that the uploaded file is available for us to download.  We'll then remove it from the FTP site 


Break it down

If your file is greater than 1GB, please break it up into smaller components for upload

  1. Right-click on your .bak file and select Add to archive

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2. In the General tab of winrar, type in 300 in the 'Split to volumes, size' box

3. Select MB from the dropdown, then click OK

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Set up Filezilla

If you are having trouble connecting to our FTP site via Filezilla, try these connection options: