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Creating a new Jiwa Demo database or new Jiwa database under SQL 2017 


SQL skills are required

A working knowledge of SQL Management Studio is required to complete this task

If you need to create a new database or demo data on 7.00.175, 7.02.00 and 7.02.01 with SQL 2017 or higher, use SQL Management Studio and Import Data-Tier Application using the .bacpac file in the Data Files folder of the Jiwa installation folder.

In addition, the wizard to create a new database normally prompts the user for the local currency.  As this is no longer performed, no local currency is set on a new database which prevents access.  Run this script as a work-around:

UPDATE FX_Currency SET IsLocal = 1 where ShortName = 'AUD'

To move a client database from one server to another where the new server is running SQL 2017 or higher, use the SQL Management Studio utility Export Data-tier Application to create the backup file and use the Import Data-Tier Application utility to import the backup file into the new server.

You may need to run the Admin Password Reset V7.sql script attached to created the relevant users and passwords for JiwaUser, JiwaReports and JiwaLogin.

Admin Password Reset V7.sql