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On the Inventory Import form, when the check box "Update existing inventory" has been ticked, the system does not only Update Inventory records, but it also creates new PartNos in Jiwa, even though there is no record in Jiwa to update.

When Update existing inventory is ticked then it should only update records, not create records.  For records that don't exist the import routine should report an error "Part No 'xxx' does not exist.


Download the attached patched JiwaInventory.dll and JiwaInventoryUI.dll and copy into the Jiwa program directory. Make a backup of the old dll's first before saving the new ones.

An additional setting has been added to the import function - "Create missing inventory" in addtion to "Update existing Inventory"

  1. To update only inventory items tick only "Update exiting inventory". The import procedure will then only update the existing inventory items in Jiwa and error messages will be produced for all items that do not exist in Jiwa.
  2. To create inventory items that do not exists tick "Create missing inventory". The import procedure will then create these missing inventory items and error messages will be produces for all items that already exist in Jiwa.
  3. A third option is to have both ticks on and it will then do the update and create at the same time.


DEV-8642 - Getting issue details... STATUS

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