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Client is currently on 6.5.13 and wants to test version 7 before going live.  Can both versions be run on the same SQL Server?


SQL skills are required

SQL skills and access to SQL Management Studio are required to perform this task

Both versions can be run on the same machine and both versions of the database can be located on the same server provided SQL 2012 or higher is running (requirement for V7).  Because of enhancement security requirements for the SQL users in V7, the SQL user passwords for the version 6 database needs to be changed.  

The attached script is to be run over the V6 database.  Run the script in the stages identified in the script to ensure all sections are successful.

If you are running both versions of Jiwa on Windows 8 or higher in 64 Bit mode you may need to copy the attached login DLL into the Jiwa 6 program directory (no need to register the DLL)

Admin Password Reset V6.5.13.sqlAdmin Password Reset V7.sqlJiwaLoginUI.rar